Mario Van Biljon


 Mario Van Biljon
Marital status: Happily married to Carole Van Biljon with 2 kids (Joshua & Summer)
Date of Birth:  20 April
Birthplace: Durban, South Africa
Current Residence: Durban, South Africa
Years competing: 1994 to present (25 years)
Off season weight: +/- 100kg (220lb)
Contest weight: 90–95kg (200-210lb)

Competitive Highlights:

  • 1st place – 1994 SA Natural Bodybuilding Championships, novice division (my first contest)
  • 17 x top 3 placings at IFBB South African National Bodybuilding Championships, across 3 different weight divisions (middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight)
  • 4th place 2006 IFBB World Bodybuilding Championships Czech Republic (Classic Bodybuilding Division)
  • 8th place 2012 NABBA Mr Universe, UK (Class ll)
  • 6th place 2015 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, Columbus Ohio (Amateur Light Heavy Weight Division)
  • Favourite body-part to train – Back
  • Favourite “Cheat Meal” – Pizza
  • Favourite “Diet Food” – Sushi


Founder of Muscle Science
Founder of Scientific Sports Nutrition (incorporarting Muscle Junkie & SupaShape)
Founder of MyBodyGuru brands (incorporating Fully Dosed, My Protein Pantry, Go Nutz & Organic Life Nutrition)
Goal orientated, focused, driven & passionate about health & fitness, wealth & prosperity

Mario van Biljon (Co-Founder & MD MyBodyGuru) is one of the most well-respected opinion leaders in the bodybuilding, and sports / performance nutrition industries in South Africa. With over 20 years of experience in the sports nutrition industry, he is the driving force behind the Research and Development of My Body Guru’s range of healthy foods and snacks & performance nutrition supplements, which lead the trend in serious sports nutrition in South Africa. Mario is a qualified Microbiologist and has developed numerous industry leading formulations in line with the latest international trends and advancements in performance nutritional science. His nutritional and training advice is sought by a wide range of top athletes, and as a competitive athlete himself Mario continues to compete at the highest national and international amateur level, having represented South Africa on the international stage numerous times. Amongst his achievements at international level are a 4th place at the IFBB World Championships in the Czech Republic and a 6th place in the prestigious international amateur Arnold Classic in Columbus , Ohio, USA.

Typical Training Split:

Monday: Chest & Calves
Tuesday:  Back & Abs
Wednesday: Legs (Quads & Hamstrings)
Thursday: Arms & Calves
Friday: Shoulders & Abs
Saturday: Legs (Quads & Hamstrings)

Typical Pre-contest Diet:

Meal one – 6 egg whites, 20g Fully Dosed or Go Nutz Whey protein, 50g blend of Oats and Organic Life Cream of Rice.  All blended together and fried pancake style in a non stick pan.
Meal two – 1 cup (+/- 180g cooked) jasmine rice + 1/2 cup mixed vegetables + 200g chicken breast / ostrich / fish
Meal three – 50g Fully Dosed Whey Protein or Go Nutz Almond & Whey Protein
Meal four – 1 cup (+/- 180g cooked) jasmine rice + 200g chicken breast / ostrich / fish
Meal five – 1/2 cup (+/– 90g cooked) jasmine rice + 1/2 cup mixed vegetables (or salad) + 200g fish (seafood)
Meal six – 50g Go Nutz Almond & Whey Protein

Daily Supplement Regime:

Fully Dosed Performance Nutri Packs (with breakfast)
Intra-workout – Fully Dosed BCAA EAA + Fully Dosed Liquid Acetyl L-Carnitine.
Post workout – Fully Dosed L-Glutamine
Fully Dosed Creatine Monohydrate – typically used 6 weeks on / 4 weeks off.


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