Gowan Evan Jones


Gowan Evan Jones
Marital status: Married
Date of Birth:  24 June 1989
Birthplace: Durban, South Africa
Current Residence: Durban, South Africa

Sporting Highlights:

  • Getting my 1st cap for South Africa in 2013
  • Representing South Africa at 2 World Cups
  • Representing Team South Africa at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast
  • Part of the 2020 SA Men’s Olympic Squad


Passionate, Determined and a Joker.

I am a fitness fanatic and am incredibly dedicated to my training and nutrition as such. I feel that as hard as I work I need to make sure that I put the right stuff back into my body and use the best possible products and equipment available, to make sure that I stay on top of my game. I have a very good name within the hockey community, people trust and value my opinion, this is why I started my Goalkeeping academy GK ELITE to share my knowledge and experience with the next generation, I am also a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach as well as a Sports Massage Therapist which adds value to my coaching and own game and training!

I am aiming to be part of the South African Men’s Hockey Team right through to and after the 2020 Olympic Games, which as a core member of the team is very likely.

Typical Training Plan:

Monday: Gym AM (speed and power), PM Goalkeeping session
Tuesday: Running and team training session
Wednesday: Gym (AM) and Team session (PM)
Thursday: Running and Goalkeeping session (PM)
Friday: Light running, stretch and mobility, Game in the PM
Saturday: Rest

Typical Diet:

Breakfast: Training days (oats and Whey). Non training day, cheese and egg omelette, Black coffee.
Snack: Yoghurt, rice cakes and peanut butter/nut butter
Lunch: Training day (protein, veg and a carb)
Snack: Fruit and eggs water or Amino drink
Dinner: Green veg, sweet potato chicken, fish or red meat and water.
Water throughout the day and training.
Post training treat: If it’s been a busy day training my go to treat is yoghurt and whey mixed before bed!
Post workout: Protein shake after training (possibly some fruit during the session).

Daily Supplement Regime:

On Waking – Fully Dosed Performance Nutri-Packs with a glass of water.
With Breakfast – Fully Dosed Whey Protein ( Vanilla Coconut)
During Workout – Fully Dosed BCAA EAA
Post workout – Fully Dosed Whey Protein ( Vanilla Coconut)

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