Muscle Mass Gain Plan

Muscle Mass Gain Plan

No matter your particular situation – whether you are naturally skinny, think you’ve hit a plateau or simply desperately want to add some muscle mass, the following “mass building tips” along with the suggested meal & supplement plan is sure to help you pack on some muscle mass. Law 1 Eat More – Add 25% More Calories Than You Consume For Maintenance. If you typically consume around 2500 calories a day, this will mean increasing your average daily caloric intake to just over 3100 calories. An important rule to remember for adding quality muscle mass is that you must consume...

Training Advice  Programmes

Training Advice Programmes

Effective Weight Training Made Simple Mario Van Biljon Heavy weights with low volume or moderate weights for higher reps, 6 sets per body part or 16 sets, machines vs free weights, full range of motion or partial reps, dumbbells vs barbells, each body part once a week or twice a week? Whew, the list of training methods seems endless and is often confusing to even the most experienced of gym goers. So, which is the right way? As a result of my own personal experience in the gym (I’ve been training consistently now for over 30 years) as well as...