Muscle Mass Gain Plan

Muscle Mass Gain Plan

No matter your particular situation – whether you are naturally skinny, think you’ve hit a plateau or simply desperately want to add some muscle mass, the following “mass building tips” along with the suggested meal & supplement plan is sure to help you pack on some muscle mass.

Law 1

Eat More – Add 25% More Calories Than You Consume For Maintenance.

If you typically consume around 2500 calories a day, this will mean increasing your average daily caloric intake to just over 3100 calories. An important rule to remember for adding quality muscle mass is that you must consume more calories than you burn up or you will simply not be able to add body weight.  Not eating enough is the number one curse for “hard gainers”.  If you are serious about your gains you can’t simply eat when you are hungry. You’re not eating for the “fun” of it, you’re eating to grow. So, if you have to force feed yourself then so be it. Some of the worlds best & biggest bodybuilders “force feed” themselves on a daily basis to the point that some of them will even tell you that they hate the idea of eating!  But that’s what it sometimes takes.

To gain appreciable muscle mass you need to eat a significant amount of calories. Studies have shown that sumo wrestlers actually often have more muscle per square inch than competitive bodybuilders do and most sumo wrestlers don’t even lift weights! That goes to show you just how powerful anabolic (muscle building) eating is. Of course, you don’t want to end up looking like a sumo wrestler. That is why you have to eat intelligently and make smart food choices. Read on…

Law 2

Consume Sufficient Carbohydrates.

Many aspiring weight trainers believe that carbs will make them fat so sometimes avoid or restrict their intake to their detriment.  We need to remember that carbs boost levels of insulin, one of the body’s most anabolic hormones responsible for supporting protein synthesis and muscle growth.  Hard gainers trying to gain muscular body weight should aim to take in around 50% of their calories from carbs i.e. if you were aiming for 3200 calories a day, you should be eating around 1600 or more calories from carbs per day.  At 4 calories per gram of carbohydrates this equates to around 400g of carbs every day. Ideally you would time your carbohydrate intake so that you ingest 50-60% of these carbs (i.e.  200-240g) during the three “critical windows of opportunity” each day (breakfast, pre-training & immediately post training) when your insulin sensitivity is highest and when your body is primed to grow.  Whilst simple & liquid carbs (e.g. Fully Dosed HBCD’s) can be consumed in and around workouts, you should emphasize whole food carbs such as rice, sweet potatoes, whole grain breads, oats etc at other meals.

Law 3

Eat Adequate Protein.

For “hard gainers” serious about adding muscle mass a good rule of thumb is to shoot for at least 2.5g-3g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight.  For an 80kg person this would equate to around 200g-240g per day.  For most this will work out at somewhere around 30% of daily calories.  Most whole protein foods (lean red meat, chicken breasts, tuna etc) are hard to eat in large quantities, especially when combined with your carbs, so if they are forming the bulk of your meal you may be getting in enough protein but falling short on total calories.  Make sure you are getting in the protein you need for growth but not at the expense of total calorie consumption. As protein foods tend to be filling, thus potentially reducing the amount of total calories consumed at each meal, consider supplementing your meal plan with a protein powder such as Fully Dosed Pure Whey or Vegetable Protein.

Law 4

Eat More Meals a Day.

Often the biggest challenge to gaining muscle mass is overcoming one’s “limited” appetite.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is to try and consume an additional meal or two everyday.  Instead of the typical 4 meals a day try for 5 or 6. Taking in a pre/intra workout drink (e.g. Fully Dosed Intra-Pump) as well as a post workout shake (e.g. Fully Dosed Real Food Muscle Gainer) and adding a protein shake (e.g. Fully Dosed Pure Whey Protein / Vegetable Protein) late in the evening before bed, or even in the middle of the night, can help take care of almost half your daily caloric requirements.

Law 5

Use a Quality Protein Shake

A high-quality protein shake, such as Whey protein, taken with breakfast is a great way to start your day.  As it is fast-digesting, it acts to rapidly stop any muscle catabolism that might occur in the last few hours of sleep due to a lack of circulating amino acids.  Try getting in 30-40g of whey immediately upon waking each morning.  Whey protein is also an ideal component / ingredient in pre & post workout shakes, again due to its fast action, which helps get amino acids to your body quickly so it can halt-protein breakdown during the workout and immediately stimulate protein synthesis (muscle growth) after training.

Law 6

Use Mass Builders.

Mass builders (e.g. Fully Dosed Real Food Muscle Gainer) are high calorie, protein rich supplements that often supply around 500 calories per serving.  In addition to a decent serving of protein (30-40g) mass builder shakes have added carbs and sometimes added “healthy” fats too, to pack as many calories as possible into a serving.  Blending each serving with healthy calorie/nutrient dense foods such as fat free frozen yoghurt, pure peanut butter, honey, nuts, banana’s etc is a great way to add additional calories not to mention enhance taste!  Consuming a quality mass builder in addition to your daily meals assists in getting in all the protein and calories needed to fuel muscle growth. One thing to consider is that if you have a sensitive stomach you should try to steer away from those mass builders containing skim milk (fat free dairy solids), whey powder and soya protein, which can sometimes cause digestive problems e.g. gas & bloating in sensitive individuals. 

Law 7

Supplement with Creatine.

Creatine is one of the nutritional supplements that has stood the test of time and emerged as the undisputed heavyweight champ when it comes to packing on muscle.  Some first time users report as much as a 5kg gain in bodyweight in as little as two or three weeks.  Take 3-5g with both your pre and post workout shakes and on non training days take one 5g serving with breakfast.  Use in cycles of 8-10 weeks “on” & 4 weeks “off”.

Muscle Mass Gain Meal & Supplement Plan
Breakfast (as soon as possible after waking):
Large bowl of oats sweetened with honey, a sliced banana & skim milk
1 serving Fully Dosed Whey or Vegetable Protein powder
Mid Morning:
Half Serving Fully Dosed Real Food Muscle Gainer blended with skim milk, natural peanut or almond butter &/or fruit (e.g. frozen berries) – honey as an optional extra.
4-6 Rice Cakes topped with fat free cottage cheese & tuna
1 Banana or Apple
Lean Steak or Extra Lean Mince (+/- 200-250g)
Large Baked Potato or Sweet Potato (put whatever you want on the potato)
+/- 1-1½ hr Pre-Workout:
1 serving Fully Dosed Whey or Vegetable Protein powder
Fruit e.g. Large Apple or Banana
3-5g Fully Dosed Creatine Monohydrate
4-6 Rice cakes topped with Fat Free Cottage Cheese
A handful raw almonds
Fruit e.g. Large Apple or Banana
3-5g Fully Dosed Creatine Monohydrate
Intra-Workout (optional):
Fully Dosed Intra Pump
ASAP Post- Workout:
A serving Fully Dosed Real Food Muscle Gainer + a banana or bunch of grapes
Add an additional 3-5g Fully Dosed Creatine Monohydrate powder to this post workout shake.
1 cup (cooked) rice or pasta
Fish e.g. salmon or tuna steak or Chicken breast (+/- 200-250g cooked weight)
Steamed or stir fried (non stick pan and olive oil spray) Veges topped with 1Tbs Coconut, Flax seed or Olive oil

Good luck and remember to Train With Passion!